Monday, 27 February 2012

I still choose you.

A music post for my lovelies!
I love doing these music posts, and I love how well they are always received!
(Remember, just click the 'music' link under this post to bring up all the music posts I've done!)

1. Birdy - 1901.
Birdy's covers never fail to impress me. I love the tone of her voice and the songs she chooses to cover. I prefer her live version to the album version.

2. Ben Rector - White Dress.
This is one of the songs I stumbled across after clicking a link of a link of a link on youtube! I'm glad I did though. I think my younger, teenager self would love this song more, but I still like it enough now!

3. The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine.
I'm becoming more and more intrigued with this band. I LOVE when there are female and male vocals in a song together!

4. Pixie Lott & Stan Walker - The One.
This is an oldie, but it's not very well known. At least, I think it isn't. However it's pretty good!

5. Boyce Avenue - Someone Like You
I don't think anything can top Adele's live cover of this song (included in the first ever music post on this blog!) But I have an undying love for Boyce Avenue and think it's a brilliant cover, especially with the violin in the background.

Friday, 24 February 2012

One day.

I have a dreamy to-do list of things that I would love to do one day. 
I think most university students start having these to-do lists when they have hit the third year of studying and the end still seems a little way off (though not too long now, really!).
This list of things is always changing. Some things get crossed off when I change my mind, some things get added and then some just remain a steady constant. I might one day look back on these lists and laugh, or maybe I'll have a sad little grin as I realise I never did them and at one point in my life I must have wanted to; or maybe I will be able to happily 'cross' them off the list and say "I've done that!"

Here are a few:

1. Go to New York.
I've been daydreaming about holidays recently. Anywhere hot and sunny recently, it feels like the sun hasn't shone on my face in ages! But one place I would love to got to is New York. I think I would be a little afraid of it, of how big it is and how many people there are, but I still would like to go one day. I would like to go at Christmas time and skate at Central Park.

2. Learn French
Okay, this isn't a 'new' experience as I did study French for 6 years at school, and I bitterly regret not taking it further. I could have been fluent! (I wish!) I think it's such a romantic language, and I really miss studying it sometimes, and get a big pang of excitement when I hear someone speak French on the TV!

3 Try Yoga/Zumba
I know they are both very different. One very slow and one very upbeat and wild. However, I'd like to try both of them! I'm not a sporty person, in that I have never been to the gym or competitively been on any sports teams, but I am definitely up for some sort of dance/stretch fusion!

That's all for now!
What dreams do you have my lovelies?
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Food love.

Pancake Day. Shrove Tuesday.
Doesn't it just make February that much more lovelier?
There is nothing quite like smothering nutella/syrup/lemon&sugar across a pancake and then dusting it off with some icing sugar or strawberries!

Try out these different pancake recipes!

1. Hotcakes with apples and blackberries.
These aren't exactly pancakes, but are a great fruit-ier substitute!
2. Coconut pancakes.
These look so tasty and light!
3. Blueberry pancakes.
These always remind me of when I went to America and stayed with a lovely family. I woke up one hot morning to the smell and taste of these. They are gorgeous!
4. Cocoa pancakes.
These have a 5-star rating by 304 people, so they must be good! I will have to try them!
5. Gingerbread pancakes.
I love gingerbread so much, so I think this could be a winning combination!
Also, I've recently started writing for my student newspaper! (I've always regretted not writing for it, and now I finally have the chance!) Check out my articles by clicking on this link and check out this week's Shrove Tuesday special!

Happy pancake flipping!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Growing old.

Love is a lifestyle. 
Love defines you as a person. 
Everyone has the ability to be a loving person, to give love to all those around them. 
Love needs to be worked on sometimes, but working on it just makes it stronger. 
Love is the doing of little things that make other people smile. 
Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. 
Love never has to end.

Britain's oldest married couple, Lionel and Ellen, have set up a Twitter page to give relationship advice. Ellen is 100 years old, and Lionel will turn 100 in March! There story is so cute, click to read it!

Their story inspired me, and made me think about all the couples out there who have loved a lifetime and how they must have such interesting stories to tell! I get such a happy feeling inside when you see an old couple holding hands on a park bench or sharing an umbrella in the rain.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I'm a keeper.

I love Harry Potter. I love the books, I love half of the movies (the first ones were not so great!) and I love these:

(all these HP valentines are from
I take no credit for them, I just wanted to share the HP love!)

Also, who else loves Ron and Hermione? This deleted scene is so nice.

Also, just to end my Harry Potter love-fest....If you are ever stuck for a way of proposing to your girl, this one is pretty impressive:

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


It's February. It's LOVE month over here on Ruby Ribbons.
(Check out the first love post of the month if you missed it!)

(buy cupcake toppers from Etsy)

Today, satisfy your sweet tooth with these love-inspired baked treats!
(link for recipe)

(link for recipe)

(link for recipe)

(link for recipe)

(buy from Etsy)

And for some good measure, here is our love-inspired bacon. Make this for breakfast in bed to show the one you love how much you love them!


And here is our love-inspired packed lunch.

Back for more.

In November I wrote a blog article (link here!) about a brilliant vintage fair called Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair that came to Newcastle.
I bought a lovely black, pleated maxi skirt from the 1970's and loved the whole atmosphere.
Well, guess what? It's back again!
If you live in the North-East region you are in luck as there are two vintage fairs happening this month!

The first one is at Durham University Student Union on the 11th February (this coming Saturday!).

The second vintage fair is at Northumbria Student Union (the one I previously went to) on Saturday 25th February.

And if you don't live in the North-East region, fear not! They have plenty of fairs at lots of different cities across England so check out their events page to see what is on close to you!

I am definitely getting myself there again! I can't wait to find another item for an era gone-by. It's definitely something different to do with your Saturday.
But trust me, once you've been bitten by the vintage-bug, there's no going back!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A very strong liking.

It's February. What happens in February? Valentine's Day!
Now, I've never been a fond lover of Valentine's Day. I think it's too commercial and a bit fake. The only thing I like about Valentine's Day is that it reminds everyone to love. It's a reminder to do something nice for the one you love. However, if you were a real romantic, you should be showing love in spontaneous ways, on days other than Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is for the cliché romantic. 

This month, my blog is going to be love-ified. Every post is going to have some link to love. Not all in a romantic, soppy way...but in the genuine way that is human nature and disposition. And maybe, sometimes, in a tediously linked way....but anyways, this is my blog and I can do what I like!

However, to start it off, I thought we'd have a little laugh. Here you go: