Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A new experience.

Last week at University I was just walking through campus to class when I got handed a flyer. Usually I just bin them straight away as they are constantly about 'free shots here', 'drinks for 70p' and 'free entry to this club' - but it was actually something better than all that tack. A flyer about a vintage fair that was happening that Saturday. I got a little excited. I had never been to a vintage fair before and had always wanted to experience one, and now here I was minding my own business and bam I had found one!

I told my mum and sister about it and rallied a little girly trip to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. I was met with a treasure-trove of clothes and accessories and surrounded by people in plain attire, quirky attire and mostly fabulous vintage attire. I felt somewhat plain in my skinny jeans and coat. I wanted to have one statement item from an earlier decade and started my hunt.

After a lot of looking and aww-ing at the beautifulness before me, my Mum found a black pleated maxi skirt from the 1970's that was my size. I hurriedly tried it on and found that it fit. me. like. a. glove. I ran back over to the seller and proudly declared that this skirt was now mine. I love it.

I definitely now have the vintage-shopping bug. I would definitely go to Judy's Vintage Fair again (and recommend that you do too!) but until it returns I will have to start thrifting my way around the vintage shops in my city!

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