Friday, 21 October 2011

Deep Beats.

Some tunes for the weekend. Hope it is a good one for all you guys and girls!

1. Boyce Avenue - That's What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction cover)
Right, I love One Direction and I LOVE Boyce Avenue. I love this cover. It makes me feel better for loving One Direction since Boyce Avenue only ever cover awesome songs. A more sophisticated version of the cheesy pop song (but I love that version just as much!)

2. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp
I am not a Lady Gaga fan at all. However, I love this! If the Gaga sang like this all the time I would definitely become a fan! And Tony Bennett, what a sweetie.

3. We Are The In Crowd - Never Be What You Want (Acoustic)
I love songs where there are duets. This band have a main guy and girl singer and I think it totally works. I know my sister will love this song!

4. Tonight Alive - Wasting Away
This is for you lot out there who aren't in the mood for acoustic guitar-ness and want a bit more. This band are understated compared to Paramore, but the lead singer's voice is amazing. This is a definite get-stuck-in-your-head song!

5. The All-American Rejects Feat. The Pierces - Another Heart Calls
This might have a slow start, but then it just picks up speed. I love it. You all know I am a fan of two singers in a song, so this is right up my street. (NB - I cannot take any credit for these songs as m'love introduced them to me...but I do have credit in introducing them to you!)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A thing.

Right, I have been seriously bamboozled, complexed and even uttered a shrill 'I can't believe this is a thing, this cannot be real' but yes, it can be real - behold, upside down Christmas trees:

I was just minding my own business, typing 'artificial Christmas trees' into eBay, then BAM I start seeing upside down Christmas trees for sale. I showed my husband a picture of one, thinking he would agree with me that it was the weirdest thing ever...but he declared we should get one and it would be the best Christmas tree ever. Err, no. 

Now, I have sat here very confused for a few minutes thinking (1) who decided to put the Christmas tree upside down? (2) why is this a 'thing'/ craze? and (3) how does it actually stand up?

John Lewis sell upside down Christmas trees that can also function as just regular Christmas trees...I do not see the need for this double-usage of a Christmas tree. The only explanation I can come up with is that it's to save space? Like people who live in flats/houses and don't have a lot of floor space, but plenty ceiling space can just whip their Christmas tree upside down and then they still have a Christmas tree!? Is that the reason someone invented one?
It's bizarre. 
Really bizarre.

Apparently wikipedia tells me that: "Upside-down artificial Christmas trees became popular for a short time and were originally introduced as a marketing gimmick; they allowed consumers to get closer to ornaments for sale in retail stores and opened up floor space for more products".

It's still bizarre.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Giggle. Goggle. Gaggle.

We all have those days. The humph days. The bleugh days. The rawrrrr days. The blahblahblah days.
And then we go and change it all by doing something stupid like....watching these hilarious youtube videos.

Now, you can't tell me you didn't crack a smile or laugh out loud to any of these videos. Isn't everything suddenly better with the world? Yes it is. I mean, who can resist a baby monkey?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Delightfully Refreshing.

I love online shopping.
1. I get to browse all the high street shops without getting tired legs and manage to sift through the good and bad fairly quickly.
2. I am always able to check newly arrived items of clothing.
3. Usually it is much harder for me to part with my cash online.

However, I am most definitely being tempted to spend some dosh on the new
Behold the beautifulness:
(source - with all photograph rights belonging to H&M)

(source - with all photograph rights belonging to H&M)
(source - with all photograph rights belonging to H&M)
(source - with all photograph rights belonging to H&M)
(source - with all photograph rights belonging to H&M)

The collection is based on Swedish folklore and has a brilliant mix of contrasting colours like creamy whites and charcoal black, with a modern update in the form of bold prints and delicate lace. I think what makes this collection stand out from the crowd as well is the length of their skirts and dresses - all knee length. I think it will appeal to a wider market and shows a lovely mix between elegance and class. As well as statement pieces like the burgundy patterened dress, there are also a handful of classic reusable pieces that can be transformed from everyday-wear to glam-wear like the beige knit jumper:


A lot of the garments are already sold out online - so you will have to be fast to snatch something from this beautiful collection.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


I must admit something....there are two new songs out at the minute which I love. As soon as they start playing on the radio or at work I get this little secret grin on my face which says 'I know I shouldn't love this, but I do'. The reasons why they are little guilty pleasures of mine is not because they are rubbish songs and everyone hates them, no, no; it's because one is performed by a teenage boy band and the other by the Biebmiester. I know, I's not exactly aimed at my target audience....they are aimed at screaming 14yr old girls who have all their pictures in their bedroom and proclaim their love to them on social network sites. However, I am a fan. A big fan. A big secret fan.

1. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

2. Chris Brown - Next To You ft. Justin Bieber

And just because I love you a lot, and don't want your music playlist for the day to be limited to this, here are some more cheery feel-good tunes to get you through the day!

3. Glee - Halo/Walking On Sunshine
Do you want to dance? Dance to this. It will make you happy.

4. Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You
I love this girl. I love this music video. 

5. Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day
Definitely marmite. I don't know if I hate or love this song. It's a grower.