Friday, 17 February 2012

Growing old.

Love is a lifestyle. 
Love defines you as a person. 
Everyone has the ability to be a loving person, to give love to all those around them. 
Love needs to be worked on sometimes, but working on it just makes it stronger. 
Love is the doing of little things that make other people smile. 
Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. 
Love never has to end.

Britain's oldest married couple, Lionel and Ellen, have set up a Twitter page to give relationship advice. Ellen is 100 years old, and Lionel will turn 100 in March! There story is so cute, click to read it!

Their story inspired me, and made me think about all the couples out there who have loved a lifetime and how they must have such interesting stories to tell! I get such a happy feeling inside when you see an old couple holding hands on a park bench or sharing an umbrella in the rain.

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