Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Back for more.

In November I wrote a blog article (link here!) about a brilliant vintage fair called Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair that came to Newcastle.
I bought a lovely black, pleated maxi skirt from the 1970's and loved the whole atmosphere.
Well, guess what? It's back again!
If you live in the North-East region you are in luck as there are two vintage fairs happening this month!

The first one is at Durham University Student Union on the 11th February (this coming Saturday!).

The second vintage fair is at Northumbria Student Union (the one I previously went to) on Saturday 25th February.

And if you don't live in the North-East region, fear not! They have plenty of fairs at lots of different cities across England so check out their events page to see what is on close to you!

I am definitely getting myself there again! I can't wait to find another item for an era gone-by. It's definitely something different to do with your Saturday.
But trust me, once you've been bitten by the vintage-bug, there's no going back!

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