Tuesday, 28 June 2011


This is another music post. For some reason, I always get lots of positive comments whenever I do this type of blog post, so maybe I should do more of them? Anyway, I'm glad you like checking out what songs I like at the minute....and you've probably sussed out my music taste by now, so if you've got any good tunes on the go - let me know! I'm always wanting to expand my music collection!

The theme of my choice of songs for you today is romance. (1) Awwwwwww. (2) Blahhhhh. Which one are you? Hopefully you're number (1) and will like these songs as much as I do at the minute!

1. Train - Marry Me.
Which girl would not love this song? The beginning of the video is dead cute too. If you don't find the title appealing because you're against marriage or love at the minute, just watch it for the beginning!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghZt2cILcCU

2. Disney's Tangled - I See The Light
I'm obsessed with the Disney movie Tangled at the minute. Just ask my fiancé, I made him watch it with me the other night! This is the best scene in the movie, so romantic and stunning animation!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9NMjh4BJA0

3. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
It may be a tad overplayed, but in my opinion that isn't a bad thing. Some one (who I can't remember, sorry!) once said that if you want to know how boys really feel about girls then you should listen to the songs they write about them. So, if a man wrote this song, then I like it even more!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5lO4hEAJHU

4. Matt Nathanson - Come On Get Higher
This song always reminds me of my amazing trip to America and being with my two best friends in the world....and my future fiancé....even though we weren't dating then! It fills me with love for the friendship and fun times that were shared. Good memories all round!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHx4BlF6V2o

5. Sinead O'Connor - Only You (from The Young Victoria)
This song was definitely a grower. The first time I heard it I didn't really like it, but now I love it! I think I did have some biased-tendencies with the song since it's from my favourite film and also since my favourite film was filmed where my boyfriend proposed. So yeah, I love this song now!
link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_GsqjuVCv8

There you go. Five romantic songs to make you feel happy and loved! (Well, they do for me)!
Also, if you want to check out my other music posts; just click the music label below and it will load up all the posts!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


For my birthday my sister bought me a cake book.
I did not appreciate the book as a birthday gift initially, this made my sister sad.
She therefore baked the cakes in the book and presented me with them.
When I exclaimed "What heavenly delight is this?" she then presented me with my cake book.
This cake book is the best book ever: the hummingbird bakery cookbook.

This week I met up with some girl friends and we baked some cupcakes from the said book. We chatted, ate icing and cake mixture and got covered in icing sugar. It was great fun.
(humming bird bakery blueberry cake)

Now, I think it will be pretty hard to top the hummingbird bakery cakes...everyone who has ever tried one has vowed that they are the most delicious of all the cakes (especially the strawberry cheesecake ones, yum yum) but I really like these unusual cupcakes. I haven't made any yet but I will definitely do it sometime! These wedding cakes are also pretty amazing, I can't believe you can eat them!

I want to have a new goal: to become good at baking and making delicious treats for me and my future husband - but not all the time, so we don't get fat and become fat, cake-eating mommas. So, cake within reason? Yeah...