Monday, 27 February 2012

I still choose you.

A music post for my lovelies!
I love doing these music posts, and I love how well they are always received!
(Remember, just click the 'music' link under this post to bring up all the music posts I've done!)

1. Birdy - 1901.
Birdy's covers never fail to impress me. I love the tone of her voice and the songs she chooses to cover. I prefer her live version to the album version.

2. Ben Rector - White Dress.
This is one of the songs I stumbled across after clicking a link of a link of a link on youtube! I'm glad I did though. I think my younger, teenager self would love this song more, but I still like it enough now!

3. The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine.
I'm becoming more and more intrigued with this band. I LOVE when there are female and male vocals in a song together!

4. Pixie Lott & Stan Walker - The One.
This is an oldie, but it's not very well known. At least, I think it isn't. However it's pretty good!

5. Boyce Avenue - Someone Like You
I don't think anything can top Adele's live cover of this song (included in the first ever music post on this blog!) But I have an undying love for Boyce Avenue and think it's a brilliant cover, especially with the violin in the background.

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