Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Food love.

Pancake Day. Shrove Tuesday.
Doesn't it just make February that much more lovelier?
There is nothing quite like smothering nutella/syrup/lemon&sugar across a pancake and then dusting it off with some icing sugar or strawberries!

Try out these different pancake recipes!

1. Hotcakes with apples and blackberries.
These aren't exactly pancakes, but are a great fruit-ier substitute!
2. Coconut pancakes.
These look so tasty and light!
3. Blueberry pancakes.
These always remind me of when I went to America and stayed with a lovely family. I woke up one hot morning to the smell and taste of these. They are gorgeous!
4. Cocoa pancakes.
These have a 5-star rating by 304 people, so they must be good! I will have to try them!
5. Gingerbread pancakes.
I love gingerbread so much, so I think this could be a winning combination!
Also, I've recently started writing for my student newspaper! (I've always regretted not writing for it, and now I finally have the chance!) Check out my articles by clicking on this link and check out this week's Shrove Tuesday special!

Happy pancake flipping!

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  1. oooh ive never tried coconut pancakes but they look lovely! greet blog im following :D xxx