Saturday, 12 November 2011

Key and Classic.

I'm a very picky shopper. I don't buy myself a lot of clothes and although I do keep up with current trends, I never usually divulge in them. (Block colour pop might be all good and great for some people...but to me it's going to be out as soon as it's come in!) I'm more of a classic dresser. Some of you might interpret that as plain, however I think that clothes should be investments that you buy because they are classic and going to last a long time, regardless of the fashion changes.

So, I'm going to do a few blog posts over the next coming weeks (months even, depends how much I like them!) featuring a different classic piece of clothing that could feature in your wardrobe. (And it's not going to be ones to break the bank balance!) The key is to find clothes that suit your shape, suit the fashion trend currently...and can continue to be worn again when the fashion trend's frivolous ways depart.

I'm going to jump right in the deep end with this blog post, pull out all the stops; and introduce to you the most flamboyant (but versatile) garment you could have in your classic wardrobe:

The Sequin. 
Now, sequins can be classy. They are very on trend at the minute but also keep recurring throughout the years. I think the best way to wear them is as part of an unpatterned outfit.

If you're not brave enough to embrace the sequin-laced dress...then you can tone it down with just a sequin top/purse with dark block colours.

1. Oasis. £25.
2. Oasis. £65.
3. H&M. £24.99.
4. Matalan. £25
5. New Look. £12.99

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