Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jukebox jelly.

Some tunes for an early weekend.

1. Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real But Love
I loved Rebecca's soulful voice when she was a contestant on the X Factor last year, and here she is with her debut single looking every bit the popstar.

2. Slow Moving Millie - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
This song has already featured on my blog as the background music used in the John Lewis Christmas advert. It makes you feel warm and all snuggily inside.

3. Sara Bareilles - Breathe Again
I love this song, I can't believe I haven't featured it before. It's mellow, and slow, and a little, well, depressing. But it's deep moodiness just draws me into it even more.

4. Colbie Caillat - I Do
For the romantics out there. A cute and quirky song about saying 'I do!'

5. I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - Growing Pains
Simple, but lush.

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