Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bubble bubble.

With these dark days seeping away the sunshine, it's always a time when we turn to home-comforts. We get out the pyjamas a few hours earlier than normal, snuggle up in a blanket to read our books and we make good, heart-warming food.

The past few meal times I've been struggling to come up with some hearty, comforting dinners, but I have found my rescue in Tesco Real Food.

In the past couple of weeks I've cooked up two of the recipes found in their free Tesco magazine, and they have both been brilliant!

(1) Sausage and root veg with honey and orange dressing (scrummy link)

(2) Bacon, red onion and blue cheese pasta (yummy link)

Now both of these dishes were inexpensive, and were made from ingredients I had in the fridge/freezer and needed to use up. They didn't take much preparation but were nice hot dinners to have at home. After the success of both of these dishes I decided to follow the advice from the Tesco magazine and look online for more recipes. I've found so many I want to try! Here are a few (with clickable links in pink!):

And I could go on, but I'd rather you just went to the website and found out for youself! It's gotten me out of a dinner-rut!

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