Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Key & Classic (II)

Key & Classic: a piece of clothing or accessory that can feature in your wardrobe to build up your 'classic' look.

Each K&C blog post focuses on one particular theme that you can introduce to your wardrobe, so eventually you will have a collection of lots of loveliness that can be used again and again to outfit-build. 

The Leopard.
Too much leopard print looks tacky. However, accessorising with leopard-print is classy and it provides a pattern to a plain outfit. 

As shown above, leopard print can be used to just bring life to a dull, dark outfit and can instantly turn a plain outfit into something more eye-catching.

1. New Look. £15.99.
2. Topshop. £14.

3. Topshop. £16.
4. Miss Selfridge. £8.50.
5. Clothing at Tesco. £8.

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