Thursday, 20 September 2012


The cambridge satchel is a bang-on fashion trend at the minute. But it's not just the usual tan colour that everyone is sporting: think pastel, think bold, think neon. The timeless satchel has had a 21st century upgrade!

The Cambridge Satchel Company have a range of gorgeous satchels. They range from about £70-£105 in price, so don't suit everyone's price range. However, I've found some lovely satchels from high street stores that will fit this fashion trend perfectly (and at a price that doesn't break the bank!)

H&M have lovely satchels in for £19.99. Online they only have black/tan colours, but instore I have seen neon pinks and yellows!
New Look have this showstopper satchel for £44.99 by Steve Madden.
Topshop have lots of satchels to choose from, whether it's a neon whipstitch satchel for £50 or metallic snake skin satchels for £28.
Warehouse have 'mini clean satchels' in delicious leathery brown colours. It has an across the body strap as well as a short strap so you can change your look. It costs £34.
Another great place to look for a satchel is eBay. They have a range of different colours and prices, so you are bound to find something to suit you!
I'm lucky as I have a lovely vintage satchel I got from my mum's next-door neighbour. But, I think that for this season, it is definitely worth investing in a bright, bold and beautiful satchel to carry all your everyday essentials. I think I might go for a bright postbox-red or an electric blue! If you see either of those satchel colours when you're out and about, let me know!

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  1. I love cambridge satchels, but couldn't choose a colour when I was looking to buy one this weekend, so got a zatchel satchel instead. If you haven't seen Zatchels yet you should google them, they have a great range x