Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I can't get over how much I love these cotton tote bags/purses from Alphabet Bags.
They have so much choice, and are quite reasonably priced for a nice treat!
I love the typography and the simplistic style of the products. I always love to have a cotton tote, and I am definitely going to purchase one - when I decide which one to get!
So much choice! My heart could explode with tote-love.
Also, I love the wedding collection totes they do. I am devastated I didn't know about them sooner, otherwise I would have definitely had them at my wedding. Look how delicious they are! (I love using the word delicious in a wider context!)
I only discovered Alphabet Bags yesterday, can you see how much of a fan I am already?
I want it all!
They also do canvas purses, which are a big season trend at the minute, with letters of the alphabet on.
So, naturally I'll choose R.
Thank you Alphabet Bags for jazzing up the tote bag in a classy, bang-on-trend way.
Your converted fan,

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