Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hardly comical.

I'm no science expert. My science-related expertise ends at A-level Biology, and most of my interests are now to do within the field of Linguistics.

Therefore, I appreciated the recent news story of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research who have just announced that they have discovered a new sub-atomic particle more for the font choice than for the scientific discovery (although I do appreciate that a little bit, and sometimes wish my brain could understand it all a bit better).

Comic Sans is now trending on twitter, with many users discussing their distaste at the Comic Sans font that was used to display and present such a important discovery, as it is a font that children aged between 6-12 years love. Is it professional? No. It's not even cool.

Why did they do this? When in doubt, you use Times New Roman, everyone knows this!
I doubt it was a clever way of drawing more attention to them from font-lovers!
But anyways, what is done is done. And may CERN remember next time to use a font that won't cause readers and writers to weep into their pillows at night, and text box fill colours that don't offend the eyeballs.

Really, this is all in jest. They've just discovered something they have been searching for since 1964. So I'll give them some slack.

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  1. I remember receiving a supposedly serious complaint a while back which looked very thorough and detailed. I say it looked that way because I disregarded it after seeing the Comic Sans.