Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pop of green.

Now that I have a home to call my own, one of my favourite things to do is imagine what I can create the room space into, and I love that I can make all the home decor decisions! I like fantasising about the crazy colours I could paint the wall or the little things I could buy to make the house look and feel extra special.

One of my loves at the moment is for the colour green. I love neutral colours and shades, but think there is something so earthy and beautiful by adding a pop of green into a room, whether that's by having artificial/real plants, one green cushion or other furnishings like that.

I think it adds freshness and brightness to a room, without being too girlie or tacky. It also makes the house feel like an extension of the garden/outside. 

I like these artificial potted plants from IKEA. I think they would look really lovely on the windowsill or on a shelf, just to add a bit of life and colour into the house!
(IKEA: £5.99 for one)

There you have it, one of my home inspirations!

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