Friday, 13 January 2012

Newcastle: dining at it's best.

If you're thinking of dining out at a restaurant in January, make sure it's in Newcastle!
As well as many restaurants having 'January Sales' deals where you can get a percentage off the total bill with a voucher, it's also Newcastle Restaurant Week from the 23rd - 29th January 2012.

There are over 20 restaurants participating in the Newcastle Restaurant Week offering deals of £10 per person, which is a good saving, especially for some restaurants on the list. With cuisines spanning from Indian to American as well as some restaurants offering dishes from Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam, there really is something to suit everyone!

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Here are my top five restaurants to visit during Newcastle Restaurant Week:

This restaurant is offering two courses for £10pp.
If you are sick of going to Italian restaurants and eating lasagne and carbonara, this is your restaurant! The cuisine is inspired by dishes from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand so aren't the usual ones you would find on the menu, but the interesting flavours will definitely brighten up your taste buds and your evening!

This restaurant is found on the 3rd floor of the Fenwick department store, and has a quirky1950's diner interior. This is the place to come to if you want hotdogs and fries. (I came here once and ordered 'a bucket of fries' as my side order. I just thought it was a quirky measurement, but my fries actually arrived in a proper bucket. There were so many of them!) 

This restaurant is offering two courses for £10pp
A gastro-pub with a glamourous edge. If you are in the need of some good, soul-warming food: this is the place to come! But don't be fooled into thinking it's just going to serve you fish and chips, or mince and dumplings, Barluga is different in that it offers you those winter warmers but filled with a mixture of tastes. 

This restaurant is offering the Wuhan Banquet for £10pp.
A Cantonese restaurant that is designed to impress you. They pride themselves in providing authentic Chinese cuisine and are just going from strength to strength, celebrating their fifth birthday two days ago! This restaurant is not found buried with all the other Chinese restaurants on Stowell Stree (China Town) but at Dean Street.

A very new addition to Newcastle's culinary scene. Woosa just opened in October 2011 and provides a fusion of Malaysian and Thai dishes. This deal is great as you can choose any starter and any main course that you would like, whereas all the other restaurants just give you a choice between a select few. Help this new restaurant get on it's feet by dining at it during Newcastle Restaurant Week!

I haven't decided which one I'll be dining at yet, there is definitely too much choice!
Have you been to any of the above restaurants before or dined at any that are participating in Newcastle Restaurant Week? Help me choose!


  1. I'm sure HeiHei is not a Cantonese restaurant as the food there doesnt taste like it. It's more likely from middle-northern part of China.
    Oh I love Japanese food and is there any good suggestion? Ta!

  2. Hi GoodTaster, thanks for the comment! To classify the HeiHei restaurant cuisine I just used the description on their website to try and represent their food style the best!

    I think the best choice for Japanese cuisine in Newcastle would be Nudo (which is tucked away next to The Gate) which has a lot of choice and mixes sushi dishes with rice/noodle dishes.

    Other Japanese restaurants in Newcastle are (1) Wagamama (it's my favourite restaurant!) It has a Japanese inspired menu and has lots of choice from noodles/soups/rice dishes.
    (2) Yo Sushi (ground floor of Fenwick department store) which is more of a lunch than a dinner restaurant, and (3) Hanahana which allows you to watch the chefs cook your meat on grills in front of you!

    Hope there is something here that you like!
    Thank you for checking out my blog!
    RJ x

    1. You're welcome, Ruby! Most of the dishes from HeiHei are too spicy for me! I'd prefer the Chinese restaurant in Haymarket called Happiness and the one in Chinatown called Palace! The dishes are fingerlickin good!
      Oh how I love Japanese food and I've tried the one in Fenwick but the dishes are too tiny and costly so when I paid the bill I went like @_@! I probably should try the other 2 restaurants you suggested some time! Thanks for your post!