Thursday, 6 October 2011


I must admit something....there are two new songs out at the minute which I love. As soon as they start playing on the radio or at work I get this little secret grin on my face which says 'I know I shouldn't love this, but I do'. The reasons why they are little guilty pleasures of mine is not because they are rubbish songs and everyone hates them, no, no; it's because one is performed by a teenage boy band and the other by the Biebmiester. I know, I's not exactly aimed at my target audience....they are aimed at screaming 14yr old girls who have all their pictures in their bedroom and proclaim their love to them on social network sites. However, I am a fan. A big fan. A big secret fan.

1. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

2. Chris Brown - Next To You ft. Justin Bieber

And just because I love you a lot, and don't want your music playlist for the day to be limited to this, here are some more cheery feel-good tunes to get you through the day!

3. Glee - Halo/Walking On Sunshine
Do you want to dance? Dance to this. It will make you happy.

4. Sara Bareilles - Gonna Get Over You
I love this girl. I love this music video. 

5. Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day
Definitely marmite. I don't know if I hate or love this song. It's a grower.


  1. Nicola Roberts hmmm... Good song actually :)! <3 your post! :) x