Thursday, 20 October 2011

A thing.

Right, I have been seriously bamboozled, complexed and even uttered a shrill 'I can't believe this is a thing, this cannot be real' but yes, it can be real - behold, upside down Christmas trees:

I was just minding my own business, typing 'artificial Christmas trees' into eBay, then BAM I start seeing upside down Christmas trees for sale. I showed my husband a picture of one, thinking he would agree with me that it was the weirdest thing ever...but he declared we should get one and it would be the best Christmas tree ever. Err, no. 

Now, I have sat here very confused for a few minutes thinking (1) who decided to put the Christmas tree upside down? (2) why is this a 'thing'/ craze? and (3) how does it actually stand up?

John Lewis sell upside down Christmas trees that can also function as just regular Christmas trees...I do not see the need for this double-usage of a Christmas tree. The only explanation I can come up with is that it's to save space? Like people who live in flats/houses and don't have a lot of floor space, but plenty ceiling space can just whip their Christmas tree upside down and then they still have a Christmas tree!? Is that the reason someone invented one?
It's bizarre. 
Really bizarre.

Apparently wikipedia tells me that: "Upside-down artificial Christmas trees became popular for a short time and were originally introduced as a marketing gimmick; they allowed consumers to get closer to ornaments for sale in retail stores and opened up floor space for more products".

It's still bizarre.

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