Friday, 1 June 2012

Bop for Liz

Yes, the name of my blog post comes from a sign posted outside of a pub that are having a party for Queen Elizabeth's 60 year reign. It made me laugh so much that I thought I would fossilise it into my blog post, then I will always have fond memories of that little moment!

What are you doing for the Queen's Jubilee?

I think this year is an exciting year to be English - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee + the Olympics being held in our own country = a lot of patriotic Brits. Why can't we be more patriotic? Sometimes, I wish we were more like the Americans and proud of celebrating and declaring our nationality!

My few favourite finds:

  • Kingsmill bread have renamed themselves Queensmill. And if you buy three of their bread products from Asda you get a free sandwich tray that says 'Keep Calm and Carry the Sandwiches'. Love it!
  • Fondant Fancies have been recoloured to be red, white and blue. They don't taste any different, just look lovely and patriotic.
  • Weetabix have the slogan 'Fuel Brittania' on their boxes. Genius. Genius.
(Have you noticed how all these relate to food? Man, I am a foodie through and through!)

Best places to buy anything red, white and blue or smothered in Union Jacks:
  • M&S. It really is the best British shop ever. They have everything you could possibly want. I love it all.
  • BHS. I'm not usually a fan of BHS, but they have lots and lots of delightfully British things, they have lovely wicker picnic baskets and pillows!
  • Next Homeware. Their range is so pretty and stylish. After all this hype has died down, I'm going to go and buy all their stock at half price (because, sorry Next, but you are a bit too pricey for me!) and decorate my house.
  • Primark. They have some really lovely Royal and English themed homeware items.

Embrace the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I love the Royals. I am attending a few jubilee parties. I may even get dressed up. I might buy some more of those fondant fancies and eat one. Maybe.

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