Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The hat of dreams.

I am such an irritating shopper. I try on clothes, I love them, I want to buy them. Then a little voice comes into my head that makes me think "just think about it for a minute, don't make any rash decisions you can come back for it later" and if I follow this little voice and leave the item then come back for it later instead of just buying it...it's gone. Sold out. No more. I irritate myself time and time again, and keep vowing that I will stop this but never do.

And this is my problem that I bring to you.
I want this hat:
buy from: New Look £4.50 (sale)
I tried it on. It looked good. It wasn't expensive, yet I doubted and put it back, and now I don't have it. Even worse, it's gone into the sale. Bargain! I went to New Look straight away on Boxing Day morning to claim this beauty, but there were none to be found.

So, here is my question, should I search every New Look in the region until I find it? (I am prepared to do this for this hat!) Or should I just buy one of these lovely hats instead? And if so, which one? (Vote below in this post for your favourite, or if you think I should not give up on the one I first fell in love with!)

Alternative #1:
buy from: Tesco £7
Alternative #2:
buy from: Debenhams £10 (sale)


  1. Rosie, when will you learn?! Take a leaf of my book: Like it. Buy it. Change your mind? Bring it back. You WIN every time!
    I hope you find the hat of dreams.

  2. Agree with Beth!!! Also go online!!!!!

  3. Ooooo I love big warm fur hats! My fav is the second alterative. I have one of a similar color (but its a trapper style hat) and I find it matches well with everything :D woot!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for following, I really appreciate it <3

  4. Haha, that depends on how much time you have :) Good luck in your search though- I hope you find it or one you love just as much!