Friday, 16 December 2011

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Hello everyone!

Christmas is less that 10 days away and it's starting to feel very festive, I even saw the first snow of winter today. As temperatures fall and it starts to get all cold and frosty, I've started to pick up my search for the perfect winter cardigan, as there are so many to choose from right now!

Here are my favourites on the high street:

1. Urban Outfitters. £110.
I love this cardigan so much. I love the dark murky colours and the fur trim colour. The price tag however, I really don't like. £110 for a cardigan? No way. Sorry UO but that is far too steep.  

In other news, I've just written an article about UO for a student website. Check it out by clicking here.

2. Miss Selfridge. £39.
I love the fairisle pattern on this cardigan. It looks lovely and it would be perfect to curl up with on top of your pjs on Christmas Day!

3. Warehouse. £60.
The chunky buttons and length of this cardigan tick all the right boxes for me. The muted shades work well together. It would look good with some black skinny jeans. 

Which one would you pick? Or have you already found your perfect winter jumper?

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