Saturday, 18 June 2011


For my birthday my sister bought me a cake book.
I did not appreciate the book as a birthday gift initially, this made my sister sad.
She therefore baked the cakes in the book and presented me with them.
When I exclaimed "What heavenly delight is this?" she then presented me with my cake book.
This cake book is the best book ever: the hummingbird bakery cookbook.

This week I met up with some girl friends and we baked some cupcakes from the said book. We chatted, ate icing and cake mixture and got covered in icing sugar. It was great fun.
(humming bird bakery blueberry cake)

Now, I think it will be pretty hard to top the hummingbird bakery cakes...everyone who has ever tried one has vowed that they are the most delicious of all the cakes (especially the strawberry cheesecake ones, yum yum) but I really like these unusual cupcakes. I haven't made any yet but I will definitely do it sometime! These wedding cakes are also pretty amazing, I can't believe you can eat them!

I want to have a new goal: to become good at baking and making delicious treats for me and my future husband - but not all the time, so we don't get fat and become fat, cake-eating mommas. So, cake within reason? Yeah...

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