Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Use somebody.

Everybody stop what you are doing right now and listen to this: the most amazing cover of my favourite song EVERRRR! I have just found it, and now I am in love.

I absolutely love Use Somebody - Kings of Leon.
If I need a pick-me-up = this song.
If I'm in the mood to sing my heart out = this song.
I love it. Love. It.

And what more do I love than covers of this amazing song! It means it gives the song more variation and depending on your mood you can choose to listen to whichever one you want!

So, incase you haven't even properly listened to the original song, here is the link: Use Somebody - Kings of Leon.

Then listen to these covers:
Use Somebody (cover) - Pixie Lott
Use Somebody (cover) - Lynzie Kent and Rich G

And let me know if you find any other good covers on the yoobytooby (youtube) or elsewhere! But be warned, I am picky with what I like! (example: I love Paramore so you would think Paramore + favourite song = brilliance wouldn't you? But no, sadly I don't like that cover at all!)  My dream cover of this song would be by Robert Pattinson...

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