Thursday, 21 April 2011

Coupons are not a con.

I am all for coupons/vouchers/freebies whatever you crazy kids want to call them.
If you could eat full price or eat with a voucher, why choose full price?
If you could go to the cinema and pay full price or pay with a voucher, why choose full price?
If you can buy clothes full price or pay with your 10% student card, why choose full price?
It amazes me that some people will not hand over a scrappy folded-up voucher to just save their pride.
In this day and age (oh, how granny-ish I sound!) we need vouchers! Hooray for vouchers!

My newest find: Groupon.
I used to believe Groupon was a con.
Until a kind friend showed me the light. Now I get excited that every day I get an email telling me how I can save mega bucks on the coolest things. For instance, I now have a voucher that allows 2 people to go to Lazer Quazer for £5. Yes FIVE POUNDS. What is not to love?

So, my thrifty tip this thursday is to embrace vouchers. Embrace them with open arms. They will save you lots of money, provide lots of ideas for cheap dates, encourage you to embrace England more and allow you to feel majorly posh for measly pennies!

This is a picture of someone embracing life, like how you should now embrace coupons. Yeah? Yeah. (source)

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