Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I die a little bit inside...

...when people refer to facebook in 'real life'. Oh, it just makes me feel so embarrassed inside!
I know facebook does 'exist' in the real world, but when I say 'real life' I mean when people are actually communicating without the computer as the 3rd person. It's okay to say things like "check out the event I put on facebook" or "I'll upload these pictures on facebook for you to see" but other times it can get a bit over-facebook-y.

For example:
A: How do you know that?
B: It was on facebook. 

Is facebook a dictionary/encyclopaedia/the friend you are talking about? No.

A: Let's make chocolate pancakes!
Are you on facebook? No. You totally forgot you weren't on your computer and made some reference to facebook in real life.

A: Is blahblah going to the party on Saturday?
B: I don't know because she said to her sister's boyfriend's brother's friend's auntie on facebook that she might be babysitting.

You have just stalked someone on facebook and made it publicly known in real life.

I could go on but I have actually made myself feel slightly sick with how easy facebook slips into everyday conversation when it's just a social network. I also realised that I might be guilty to some of these traits. I definitely might mention facebook indirectly in speech without directly referring to the word 'facebook'.
Oh, I need to change my ways.
Goal: Remember what is said on facebook stays on facebook.

And for anyone who found this post by searching for 'facebook' - shame on you.

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